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Friends are people that you know you can comfortably talk to as well as share feelings with. Trusting one another and having fun is just a few of the wonderful things a best friend is great for, they are the substitute to the family you have. Some say best friends are the family you actually get to pick. Aside from spending time with the family, the next choices are definitely your best friends. Generally, friends are close to the same age and share the same interests and hobbies; they can connect with each other with no problem at all. People find and develop their friendship from where they typically hang out or work, like in schools and workplaces. In the friendship stage, you develop the bond you have with each other, whether you turn out to be lovers in the future or stay the same. It depends on what experiences you share with, both the good and the bad.

Best friends are those friends whom people share the strongest bond and ties with. They are the ones developing a powerful connection with each other in which you share almost everything in your life and experiences. Trust and faith is very essential in the relationship with your best friend, as they are the ones holding the friendship together. If you have a love relationship with a girlfriend or boyfriend, then below that line is the best friend zone.

The Best Friend Calculator is a calculator that is fun to use. It computes the compatibility of two names entered and gives a percentage result whether you two are good for each other or have good vibes with each other. This is a simple and fun application you can enjoy doing it with your friends. To use Best Friend Calculator just key in your name and the name of your friend, then hit the calculate button. Then you will be presented with the friendship rate in a percentage. The higher percentage it you receive means the higher the compatibility between the two.

The Best Friend Calculator is a simple, fun and hilarious way to spend time with friends and loved ones. Give it a try with a few of your friends, who knows, you may be surprised at which friends will have the highest percentage rate.

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